What the Critics Say

JULIA and ALBIN are musicians of international caliber. Their repertoire embraces works from the Baroque to the present century. As members of the Riverina Trio, they have performed in many centres in N.S.W. and Canberra, playing a wide range of instruments encompassing almost all of the woodwind family. The records of St. Andrews Junior Eisteddfod and the City of Wagga Wagga Eisteddfod show the majority of Julia and Albin's students were placed first in all relevant sections (solo instruments, chamber music, open, concerto, etc.) The Riverina Concert Band, Flute Choir, Clarinet Choir and Riverina Junior and Senior Bands which number together 80-90 young people, boast the majority of Julia and Albin's students. Many former students are already professional musicians and woodwind teachers in Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane. In 1984 one clarinet student, beginning at the age of 13 years, completed his musical education with an A Mus. A and L.T.C.L. four years later. In 1985 this same student was a finalist in the A.B.C. Concerto Competition.

The benefits which flowed to the community from the presence of Julia and Albin are manifold in number and very great in quality . . . (Roland Bannister, Director - Conservatorium Centre Charles Sturt University)


"It was refreshing to listen to such a non-stereotyped selection of works . . . There was a freshness and imagination in the playing which brought the music to life ... it was imaginative playing which indicated that the performers were in full sympathy with the idiom". "In Ms Fekete-Berky's account of Ibert's Flute Concerto the prime impression was of a natural and graceful approach to phrasing, and an admirable clarity of tone." "I could appreciate Mr Berky's evocative, plaintive tone and a beautiful purity in the realisation of the melodic line." (Marcia Ruff, The Canberra Times)


"... appreciative audience was fortunate in hearing this Trio of excellence and professionalism . . . they have developed a unity of style of ensemble which can be the result only of dedicated work and fine musicianship . . . Martinu's First Sonata and Piece for Solo Flute by Ibert were performed by Julia with authoritative soloistic interpretations, displaying tone quality of strength and warmth ... a very fine player ..." (Linda Vogt, Sydney Flute Society)


"In its outstanding inaugural recital . . . the Riverina Trio displayed a nice balance between warmth in sound and discipline in execution ..." (Adrian Wintle, The Daily Advertiser, Wagga Wagga)


"Julia Fekete-Berky . . . played the first movement of Ibert's Flute Concerto . . . with beguiling urgency, as indeed it demanded. Her technique was impeccable, so much so that phrases such as stunning agility seem superfluous". (T. H. Naisby, Newcastle Herald)


"Yesterday's concert by the Riverina Trio put forward the sunny verities of baroque idiom in playing that was consistently well tailored and elegant in nuance." (Adrian Wintle, The Daily Advertiser, Wagga Wagga)


"Hidas'Oboe Concerto was distinguished by Berky's melting and controlled playing ..." "Julia Berky's flute had a liquid translucence and elegant turn of phrase ..." "playing of international standard in the A major flute concerto (of Haydn)". (Adrian Wintle, The Daily Advertiser, Wagga Wagga)


"They form a finely integrated trio with public-spirited, forthright tone, dependable technique, and a keen ear for rhythmic vitality". (Fred Blanks, The Sydney Morning Herald)


"Music as poetry . . . there is more to music than merely playing notes in right order as Julia Fekete-Berky proved on Saturday night . . . indeed this young flautist seemed well aware of the expressive possibilities in a well selected program". (T. H. Naisby, Newcastle Morning Herald)


I was fortunate growing up in Wagga at a time when the Riverina Conservatorium of Music was recently established anp became a focus for learning and music making across all ages. My clarinet teacher, Albin Berky, inspired us with performances by the newly created Riverina Trio, perhaps the first local professional ensemble for classical music. Albin played oboe for these concerts, with his wife Julia Fekete-Berky (flute) and Malcolm Tapscott (piano) and their concerts were among the highlights of the year. (Craig Hill, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra)


"Yesterday's impressive recital by the Riverina Trio dwelt almost exclusively on French Impressionistic repertoire, and in doing so made a convincing case for the charmed elegance of this music ... the recital seemed cunningly arranged to display these players' solo capabilities as well as their ensemble polish". (Adrian Wintle, The Daily Advertiser, Wagga Wagga)


"The Riverina Trio further consolidated its reputation for grace and artistry . . . Not only did they sound good, but the fact that the auditorium was two thirds filled is a tribute to the Trio's fine technique and to the engaging qualities they have brought to their performances this year.' (Hugh Crago, The Daily Advertiser, Wagga Wagga)



On Monday evening, ex-student Zhenya Welyczko returned to PLC after an absence of four years. In preparing for her Licentiate Diploma examinations, she had chosen to support our Capital Campaign by putting on a tlute recital in College Hall. She performed a number of beautiful, but extremely challenging classical pieces, fluently and with absolute assurance and composure, accompanied by the highly talented pianist, Eugeny Ukhanov. To complement her performance, Zhenya had invited along her teacher, Julia Berky and two more superb flautists, Alistair Howlett and Daniel Smith. Together, they combined to present a number of breathtaking performances. Approximately seventy people attended. All showed their deep appreciation by way of prolonged applause at the conclusion of the recital. (PLC Newsletter)




The Berky Music Academy was an incredibly important part of my musical education and provided me with skills and knowledge which allowed me to grow and be prepared for further musical education and for professional performances. Julia Berky was not only an excellent flute teacher who laid the foundations of my flute playing, but she was also a mentor, who inspired me in every lesson to achieve more and constantly push my self in music and in other facets of life. The passion that Albin and Julia hold for music shows in their teaching, and creates a unique environment for students which never fails to inspire. (Liane Sadler, Baroque Flute)





Our daughter, Rachel has attended the Berky Music Academy since Grade 4.  Under the expert instruction of Mrs Julia Berky, we have seen Rachel significantly mature musically, both in her flute performance and musicianship.  Mrs Berky has guided Rachel with enthusiasm and passion through eight AMEB grades.  She has also successfully completed four musicianship exams, receiving tutoring from Mr Albin Berky and Richard Berky.  She performed in the NSW Board of Studies Encore concert held at the Opera House on 24 March 2014.  Finally, the Berky Music Academy encourages participation in the local eisteddfods, music ensembles and their piano accompanists are of the highest calibre. We have no hesitation in recommending the Berky Music Academy to all new potential students. (Christine and Martin Horwood)